ACTS TWO (A Call To Share The Word Objectively)


“To share the gospel of Christ outside the walls of the Church by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in the name of Jesus.”


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We are a mobile evangelism team devoted to sharing the gospel of Christ. Our ministry consists of a prayer team, cook team, and a worship band. We proclaim the gospel of Christ in the form of organized chapel worship. Our venues include rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, prison ministry, and more.


1. A desire to proclaim Christ.
2. Be in agreement with Calvary Houston’s Statement of Faith.
3. Members may bring children on specific missions.
4. Able to do some walking.
5. You must be diligent to make all meetings.


1383243 617146421671381 808883561 nFor more information call or email Stan Washington.

Phone: 281-687-1757

Email: ACTSTWO [@]