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It's easy to donate to Calvary Houston through the Kroger Community Rewards program. Learn how! If you are already using the program don't forget to re-enroll yearly.  It's going on right now!
Important: All supporters must have a registered Kroger Plus card account online to be able to link their card to Calvary Houston.
Quick Start Instructions
There are two easy steps to take advantage of this program!  Also, you can review program information by visiting their website.
Step One:
Go to the Kroger Community Rewards and create an account if you don't have one already. It's superfast to do!
Step Two:
Sign into your Kroger account click on My Account. Complete the sections on the My Account Summary pageMake sure to update the Community Rewards section by clicking on "EDIT" in that section. Search on "Calvary Houston", select it, and click Enroll. It's that easy!
Thank you for your support!